The RIF Multisig Product

The product for RIF Multisig consists of porting and increasing the existing Gnosis SDK to allow Rootstock (RSK) developers to operate multisig accounts in a safe and intuitive way, following the documentation and a sample application that will help with the correct implementation of the Gnosis solution.

In short, it implies:

  • Deploying Gnosis smart contracts in Rootstock (RSK)
  • Test (and correct if necessary) the existing functionality in the SDK
  • Adding the required functionalities that are not supported yet, either collaborating or creating our own libraries
  • Documenting the correct processes for creating and operating multisig accounts
  • Creating a sample application that allows the correct understanding of the user experience


The RIF Multisig solution will allow Rootstock (RSK) developers to use our SDKs, and with the help of the documentation to:

  • Create multisig account, choosing its owners and threshold

  • CRUD multisig owners and threshold

  • Receive RBTC (gas)

  • Receive ERC-721 tokens (including RIF token)

  • Request transactions to other owners for:

    • sending RBTC
    • sending ERC-20 tokens
    • sending ERC-721 tokens
    • sending raw transactions
  • Get the list of pending transactions on a multisig wallet

  • Confirm pending transactions on-chain and off-chain

  • Reject pending transactions

Multisig Product - User Story

The User Story

The main user story across this project is:

  1. As an individual, I want to level up my security by requiring multiple private keys to sign transactions.
    • For multisig addresses, I want to execute transactions by signing with some or all of the private keys corresponding to multiple public keys registered.
    • I want to manage and set the numbers of signatures required to sign a transaction.
  2. As an individual, I want to improve security and respond to lost private keys:
    • I have no worry of losing my assets because it is impossible to access the asset with only one of its private keys if secured with multisig.
    • My account will not just be controlled by a seed phrase but can be controlled by multiple seed phrases.

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