RIF Multisig SDK - creation

Required packages:

There are two ways for creating Multisig accounts:

Important: all the SDKs and the sample apps described support Safe contracts v1.2.0 so far.


It allows the creation of a safe account using the ProxyFactory and the SafeSingleton addresses.


  • Developers interacting with the RSK networks can use the address of the contracts already deployed

      Contract Address
      SafeSingleton 0xc6cfa90ff601d6aac45d8dcf194cf38b91aca368
      ProxyFactory 0x4b1af52ea200baebf79450dbc996573a7b75f65a

      Contract Address
      SafeSingleton 0xffd41b816f2821e579b4da85c7352bf4f17e4fa5
      ProxyFactory 0x5b836117aed4ca4dee8e2e464f97f7f59b426c5a
import { EthersSafeFactory } from '@gnosis.pm/safe-core-sdk' 

const safeFactory = new EthersSafeFactory( signer, proxyFactoryAddress, safeSingletonAddress )

If you are working on RSK networks, you can use the contracts already deployed on MAINNET OR TESTNET.

  • Parameters
    • owners: str[] - list of owner addresses
    • threshold: number - the minimum number of owner approvals required to execute a safe transaction.
const safeSdk = await safeFactory.createSafe({
    owners: ['0x1234...', '0xabcd...', '0x0987...'],
    threshold: 2

For further information on how to set up a safe account and how to choose the right parameters, please refer to the official guidelines.


Please refer to the official Gnosis Safe guide

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