Multi-chain address resolution guidelines

Resolving a chain address (for example, a Bitcoin address) associated to a domain consist of 4 steps:

  1. Obtain the identifier of the domain.

    Use namehash algorithm

  2. Get the domain's resolver contract.

    Use resolver(bytes32)

  3. Detect if contract supports chainAddr(bytes32,bytes4) interface via ERC-165 interface detection.

    Use supportsInterface(bytes4) with interface ID: 0x8be4b5f6

    ERC-165 spec

  4. Query for address resolution.

    Use chainAddr(bytes32,bytes4) with the domain identifier and the chain hexa identifier

    chainAddr(bytes32,bytes4) spec

function getAddr(domain, chain) {
  const node = namehash(domain)
  const resolver = rns.resolver(node)
  if (!resolver.supportsInterface('0x8be4b5f6'))
  return resolver.chainAddr(node, chain);

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