RIF Storage Pinning service - Local setup with storage dev CLI

This guide is quite advanced and assumes a greater knowledge of how to setup local blockchain environment, IFPS, etc.



  1. Clone all repos, run npm install globally.
  2. Start up Ganache
  3. In Smart Contracts repo using truffle deploy deploy contracts and take note of the StorageManager contract address.
  4. Go to Storage Development CLI and create an Offer for the given contract address (use the npm run bin script)
  5. Go to Pinning Service repo and configure it to use the deployed contract. You can use environment variables, local.json or CLI parameters for this.
  6. Run npm run init - this will bootstrap IPFS repos in .repos folder and configure the ports settings.
  7. In one tab run npm run ipfs:consumer daemon
  8. In another tab run npm run ipfs:provider daemon
  9. Create Offer. Suggested way is using the Storage Development CLI. Use npm run bin and don't forget to configure the correct contract address. Note the Offer ID (which is the address of your RSK account from which you have created the Offer)
  10. Run npm run bin -- --offerId <offerId> to start the service.

Consumer IPFS API runs on 5002. Provider IPFS API runs on 5003.

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