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Bulla Network, is one of the latest projects to join the Rootstock ecosystem, it is an on-chain credit protocol that helps unlock crypto commerce, allowing users to create and pay invoices in an entirely decentralized way. BullaNetwork’s bankless Web3 accounting protocol helps DAOs, companies, and individuals send invoices and payments and manage the business and personal accounts in one ledger, all on-chain.

BullaNetwork is deployed on the chains: Rootstock, xDAI, Celo, ETH, Polygon, Avalanche and Harmony. Users can transact in USDRIF, RBTC, cUSD, USDC, WBTC, WETH and WxDAI stable tokens.

How Bulla Network integrates with Rootstock

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How Bulla Banker Works

About Bulla Network

Bulla Network uses a first-ever protocol that allows users to send NFT invoices using its BullaBanker app. BullaBanker mints a non-fungible accounting journal token (NFAJT) when users send an invoice to someone on the blockchain. The platform automatically recognizes when an invoice has been paid, providing an on-chain accounting tool with an easy to use interface.

BullaBanker allows users to send invoices on the blockchain, essentially tokenizing debt as an NFT. It doesn’t mean that the particular NFT is worth a certain amount, but it represents an understanding or contract between a service provider and a client.

Anyone can use BullaBanker, all they need is a Metamask wallet connected to the Rootstock mainnet. The system allows users to add attachments on IPFS, for example, the invoice itself as a PDF. BullaBanker also allows users to tag transactions, creating ways to sort and categorize invoices.

Components of Bulla Banker

Bulla Banker

BullaBanker is a blockchain agnostic simple accounting app that allows users to invoice and track payments from multiple cryptocurrencies in one ledger completely on-chain.

Features of Bulla Banker

Easy Onboarding

Got a crypto wallet? Are you on a network like xDai, Rootstock or Mainnet? Open your wallet and go to Bulla.Network. You may already see a payable. If not, create your first BullaBanker and start to remit or invoice. It's that simple!

Tokenized Invoicing System

Create and send claims (tokenize) from YOUR custom Bulla(s). Onboard friends with a simple email. Share ledgers of claims, payments and remittances.

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