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Chainbeat provides blockchain data insights to help understand usage and behavioral metrics for smart contracts running on RSK. Using Chainbeat you can now:

  • Access key developer insights like transactions, users, gas usage, and errors
  • Use proactive alerts to help with app development
  • Benchmark application usage data with other projects in another blockchain ecosystem (such as Ethereum) using the Report Studio
  • Offline data access for advanced business analytics
  • Simple setup with no need for any additional software installation
  • Support for wallets to stay on top of everything

How Chainbeat integrates with RSK


Chainbeat- Analytics for web 3.0

Unleash the true power of your data. Identify key trends, understand the why with real-time human readable smart contract insights that help grow your business.

Chainbeat's Goal

Chainbeat's goal is to provide blockchain data insights that can help understand usage and behavioral metrics for Decentralized Apps and protocols that are building web 3.0.


With Chainbeat you get access to the following:

Reports: Get human-readable smart contract insights and visualizations

Report Studio: Create your own comprehensive reports and share them with public links

Alerts: Be in the loop and get alerted on critical events on your smart contracts

Exports: Download on-chain data slices and then use any BI tool to slice and dice the data off-chain to take your analytics to the next level.

Pricing Data: Get key insights into how system and user activity impact market pricing with the custom pricing data integration.

The first step is to sign up for a free account with Chainbeat. Then add a smart contract or wallet address to begin your Chainbeat journey.

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Chainbeat's goal is to provide a simple and easy to use interface whereby simply plugging in the smart contract address will give the most accurate, up-to-date metrics on activities that reflect the current usage statistics of the smart contract or wallet. There is no need to install any new software or application, all you need is a browser and you are good to go.


Chainbeat provides real-time data insights that can help users make fast decisions to help grow their business. Using Chainbeat, you can get access to the following components right away.


In addition, Chainbeat has custom reports and real-time alerts that allow the user to act in time and engage with their user base immediately. There is also a Slack integration that can help alert the user and provides the ability to take action seamlessly without leaving your existing workflow.

Building Blocks

The Chainbeat infrastructure should be able to handle a high volume of data. So we went about architecting the system to be robust and scalable.



User Guides

What is the difference between Chainbeat and Block Explorers?

Chainbeat empowers everyone to do more with actionable and functional data. Block Explorers provide transactional level information without any context. Chainbeat will bridge this gap by providing high-level contextual information that directly translates how, why, and when decentralized apps and protocols get used.


Dev Tools

No tools needed. All you need is a browser to access Chainbeat.

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