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Coinfirm is an industry leading analytics and compliance platform. Its AML solutions are trusted to best analyze and manage risk.

How Coinfirm integrates with Rootstock

Coinfirm - Integration

The Rootstock network and the RIF platform have integrated the DeFi AMLT Oracle by Coinfirm. By leveraging AMLT in DeFi, Rootstock’s network will have all the benefits the innovation brings whilst maintaining institutional-grade compliance.

How Coinfirm Works

Why use Coinfirm?

  • Increase Risk Management Efficiency:

Supercharge accuracy, reduce staff costs by isolating unusual behaviors and reducing false positive alerts.

  • Address multi-national regulations:

Meet international guidelines with enhanced screening and best practices from a single solution.

  • Save Time:

Efficiently detect, investigate and report suspected money laundering activity to comply with current and future regulations .

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm creates a safer blockchain economy by being at the forefront of innovation in crypto AML/KYC compliance and analytics. Coinfirm’s industry-leading risk management helps blockchain technologies scale sustainably.

Founded in 2016 by experienced compliance, technology and finance professionals, Coinfirm has grown to become a globally recognized RegTech firm. The company’s solutions are deployed by market leaders ranging from crypto exchanges, to protocols, to major financial institutions. As well as working with corporate partners, Coinfim also provides tools for individual users.

AML Platform

Coinfirm AML Platform

AML risk management platform helps to manage counterparty risk, review & escalate cases, and create the perfect audit trail.


  • DeFi Pools:

World’s first AML Risk Solution for DeFi Liquidity Pools

  • Crypto Exchanges:

AML Risk Management Solutions for Virtual Asset Exchanges

  • Custodians:

Compliance Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Protocols:

Secure Compliance for Coins and Protocols Providers

  • Investigation:

Coinfirm has built a real-time blockchain analytics and asset tracking technology that has proved as the key enabler of many successful investigations. Coinfirm's team of blockchain forensic experts helps legal offices, law enforcement and corporate entities to conduct end-to-end crypto investigations.

AMLT Oracle

The AMLT Oracle offers both a partial and fully decentralized solution to proactively manage compliance risks and comply with regulations.

DeFi platforms and DEXes benefit from the AMLT Oracle, when users interact with a decentralized finance provider, their wallet address is queried for risk through the AMLT Oracle, which in turn passes data from Coinfirm’s API to generate a report ID C-Score based on 300+ risk evaluation scenarios, and subsequently relays the information to the DEX.

  • Intelligence Exchange:

Enables partners to report nefarious crypto addresses related to ransomware, hacks, rug pulls & other types of crime.

  • Institutional Support:

Projects desiring institutional support must meet regulatory compliance standards the Oracle provides.

  • Adaptive Application:

Can be deployed in various configurations & code revisions running in parallel for unique needs or protocol updates to each Rootstock-based DeFi app.

  • Protection against malicious actors:

DeFi Rootstock-interoperable platforms receive protection from actions by bad actors. They are notified in real time about scams, hacks & high-risk wallets’ activities.


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